Discussing the future of health care at CES

An overview of our executives’ and partners’ presentations at CES, the Digital Health Summit and the Silvers Summit

UnitedHealthcare and Optum are again making significant contributions to the health technology conversations at CES. By participating in several CES panel discussions and inviting several of our partners to speak in our exhibit space, we’re sharing ideas and innovations that are designed to help improve consumers’ access to health care and ability to live healthier lives.

CES panels

Several of our executives will this year participate in two CES summits — the Digital Health Summit, which focuses on consumer-based health and wellness innovations that meet at the intersection of technology and health care, and the Silvers Summit, which focuses on how technology can be used to reach seniors. Additionally, Dr. Reed Tuckson, executive vice president and chief of medical affairs at UnitedHealth Group, will participate in a CES SuperSession alongside Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra and others.

Presentations in our exhibit space

The UnitedHealthcare and Optum exhibit space includes an intimate theater space where our project teams and several of our partners will discuss some of the cutting-edge technology they’ve brought to the market. Guest speakers include executives from Fitbit, the Continua Alliance, Qualcomm Life and more.

Click on the dates listed at right to see a day-by-day schedule and session descriptions for UnitedHealthcare and Optum executives participating in CES sessions and for our guests presenting in our space on the show floor.