UnitedHealthcare Open Innovation Challenge

The company’s series of open innovation challenges help address big issues facing the health system

UnitedHealthcare announced at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show an open innovation initiative that invites people around the world to submit new solutions that will enhance the health system and help people lead healthier lives.




The “Breakthrough Health Tech Challenge” aims to tap the creativity of innovators worldwide, both within and beyond the health care industry, to bring concepts and solutions that help address some of the greatest challenges facing the health system. This “crowdsourcing” challenge seeks ideas on how common consumer technologies or devices, including video game systems and mobile phones, can be used in new ways to serve people by helping them address their chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Details of the challenge and a submission form can be found here. Ideas are being accepted through April 8, with the winning submission earning a $60,000 prize.

This contest is the latest in a series of open innovation challenges that UnitedHealth Group and its various businesses have launched since mid-2012. These challenges have generated an array of unique ideas and concepts for implementation.

Watch Marti Nyman, director of innovation for UnitedHealth Group, working in the company’s Innovation Council, discuss the Breakthrough Health Tech Challenge and the company’s motivation for launching it: