Gamification of health: Have fun while staying active

Visit us at CES to learn about our fitness gaming powered by Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution

Stay active and stay healthy. Pretty simple, right?

Staying active can be simple, too — try video games! The integration of exercise and gaming — known as the “gamification of health” or fitness gaming — can help encourage and reward healthy behaviors that lead to better health outcomes.

UnitedHealthcare and Optum are inviting CES attendees to try their hand — or feet, rather — at Konami’s “Dance Dance Revolution” to see what all of the fitness-gaming buzz is about. Stop by our exhibit space in South Hall, booth #25515, to experience the video game that combines real physical activity with energetic music and visuals.

“Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition” is an ideal solution for entire classroom participation, allowing teachers to track vital information about their student’s health and progress. It’s so much fun, students don’t realize how active they are!