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We sat down with Halle Tecco, CEO of digital health startup accelerator Rock Health, at 2013 CES to learn more about the company and to hear her thoughts on the digital health industry.

The actual interview was conducted on Twitter between Halle’s Twitter account, @HalleTecco, and our own @CESHealth account. The following is a recap of our discussion with Halle. You can see the original interview by viewing the #uhcces hashtag on Twitter.
 Halle Tecco Photo
So, you’re the CEO at Rock Health. Tell us a little about the company and what it does.
Rock Health supports innovators at the intersection of health care and technology through funding and education.

We love the concept. You started Rock Health almost immediately after finishing at Harvard Business School. Where did the idea come from?
The idea came from the immense need for more talent and innovation in health. We wanted to make health care entrepreneurship sexy again!

Indeed! In the two plus years that Rock Health has been around, which of the company’s accomplishments are you most proud of?
That is impossible to do in 140 characters!

Very good point! You just moderated a panel for the Digital Health Summit on the role of women in health. What were the key takeaways?
A key takeaway was that women make up to 80 percent of health care decisions, but only four percent of corporate health care CEOs are women. I think this can and should change.

Very interesting. How can the industry make this change?
Recognizing the disparity is the first step in making the systemic changes. Some solutions include mentorship, support, and networking for women in health care.

Great ideas! Yesterday, two Rock Health startups demoed in our booth. How valuable is the CES stage to startups?
It’s an exciting opportunity to share the incredible digital health products they’ve built, plus they get to practice pitching.

The art of the pitch! Which of Rock Health’s startups are at CES 2013?
A few of Rock Health’s startups made it to CES 2013. These startups include: Sano Intelligence, Beam Brush, Open Placement, Mango Health, and HealthInReach.

Can’t wait to check those out! Please tell us a little about Rock Health’s relationship with UnitedHealth Group.
UnitedHealth Group is a supportive partner of Rock Health. We’re grateful to be joining them at CES this year!

We’re glad you’re here! Finally, what do you hope to see in the health technology market soon? Entrepreneurs, listen up!
I’d love to see an “invisible,” wearable sensor that tracks caloric intake and tells me to put down the cookie.