UnitedHealthcare at 2014 International CES

Innovations that enable healthier living

UnitedHealthcare is modernizing the health care system with technologies and health programs designed to empower consumers and improve patient outcomes — and there is no better place to showcase this work than at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Our innovative collaborations and technologies make it easier, more engaging and more fun for people to become active participants in their own health, helping them to live healthier lives.

This website and our @CEShealth Twitter account share the highlights from our time at CES and the Digital Health Summit. Until next year’s CES, visit www.uhginnovation.com for more information about our latest digital offerings and innovative health programs.

Tour Our Exhibit Space

Visit the future of health care with this video tour of UnitedHealthcare’s 3,000-square-foot exhibit space

UnitedHealthcare continues to use technology — including everyday devices such as smartphones and video game consoles — to empower people to take control of their health. Our exhibit space at CES showed how our tools and health programs help better connect people to health care professionals; how incentives can encourage physicians to look at the longer trajectory of patients’ health; and how new services enable people to focus today on activities that will help prevent health issues from occurring tomorrow.

Fitness Gaming

Gamification of health, powered by KONAMI and UnitedHealthcare

Whether you call it the “gamification of health,” “exergaming” or just breaking a sweat while playing a video game, what matters is that fitness gaming provides another way for people to have fun while staying active. UnitedHealthcare and Konami are expanding their joint effort, initially announced during CES 2013, to reduce childhood obesity through a program built around DanceDanceRevolution (DDR) Classroom Edition.

A new pilot program, announced during this year’s CES, will provide youngsters with a Zamzee activity meter, a three-axis accelerometer that can be clipped to a child’s shoes or clothing to measure the duration and intensity of physical activity. Students who use the activity meters earn “Pointz” that can be redeemed for prizes on the Zamzee motivational website. Dozens of students will use the new Zamzee meters as part of a school-based wellness program by UnitedHealthcare and United Health Foundation in partnership with school systems in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

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